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PWI Pest Solutions believes in fast response to your inquiries and concerns. When you call PWI Pest Solutions, you will not have to wait days for a response or weeks for a service. We understand that the control of your issues are very important to you. We will make them very important to us. PWI Pest Solutions believes you are a friend not just a number. Call today for a quote. You'll be glad you did.

Here at PWI Pest Solutions, we have over 50 years of experience. We are a Maine owned and operated business located in Freeport Maine, and service all areas of Maine. We believe in custom service built for you and your needs. We pride ourselves in our attentiveness and treating you as a friend, and not a number. We understand how important your needs are to you. They are just as important to us!

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Elevate Your Haven: Unveiling P.W.I. Pest Solutions' Premier Residential Pest Control in Maine

Step into a world of pest-free peace – P.W.I. Pest Solutions stands as the guardian of your sanctuary against unwanted invaders. Join us on a quest where customized excellence blends with a commitment to fortify your home into an impenetrable stronghold against pests.

Curated Defenses for Every Nook and Cranny

P.W.I. Pest Solutions isn't about one-size-fits-all approaches. Your home is a tapestry of uniqueness, and so are its pest vulnerabilities. Our residential pest control strategies in Maine are meticulously curated, tailoring remedies to your home's distinct contours. From the stealthy scuttle of ants to the secretive lairs of rodents, our experts wield bespoke solutions for enduring protection.

Expertise Enveloped in Mastery

Our technicians are not just practitioners; they are artisans sculpting pest-free landscapes. Each holds the brush of experience and the palette of knowledge, delicately painting the canvas of your home with eradication precision. Entrust us with your concerns, and we shall craft a masterpiece of pest-free living.

Green Guardianship for Holistic Harmony

Nature thrives outside, and our philosophy is to preserve that harmony indoors. P.W.I. Pest Solutions pioneers eco-conscious practices that thwart pests while cherishing the environment. Our methods tread lightly, ensuring your family's safety and the planet's well-being in tandem. In choosing us, you choose a greener, healthier tomorrow.

Forensic Exploration and Fortification

We are more than mere exterminators; we are sentinels with a keen eye for weak points. Our experts embark on comprehensive explorations, deciphering entryways and vulnerabilities. Armed with this insight, we engineer a fortress of prevention that denies pests entry and safeguards your home's sanctity.

Prompt Response, Impeccable Defense

Pests wait for no one, and neither do we. P.W.I. Pest Solutions is the epitome of swift action. Our promise is not just in words – it's in our punctuality. When you beckon, we answer. When you call, we arrive with the best residential pest control services. Your peace of mind is our pact.

Partners in Pest-Free Residences

More than service providers, we are your allies in this battle against pests. P.W.I. Pest Solutions is an engagement, a collaboration aimed at elevating your living conditions. We immerse you in the process, unraveling our strategies and empowering you with insights to maintain a pest-free sanctuary.

Holistic Home Wellness

P.W.I. Pest Solutions doesn't just target pests; we safeguard your home's overall well-being. Our approach is rooted in creating a harmonious living environment where you can thrive without the intrusion of pests. It's not just about elimination – it's about enhancing your home's vitality.

Innovative Technology, Timeless Traditions

In the realm of pest control, innovation meets tradition at P.W.I. Pest Solutions. We blend cutting-edge technology with time-tested methods, crafting a symphony of solutions that resonate with effectiveness. Our techniques evolve, but our dedication to protecting your home remains unwavering.

In Summation: Redefining Residential Pest Control

P.W.I. Pest Solutions transcends the ordinary, offering a bespoke symphony of defense against pests. From intricately designed strategies to seasoned expertise, from eco-conscious practices to fortified prevention, we are architects of pest-free realms. Join hands with us to redefine your abode with the best residential pest control in Maine, making it a sanctuary invulnerable to pests.

Curved Lines

PWI Pest Solutions provides a variety of plans and services that help to address all of your pest control needs.


Infestation Eradication


Pest Inspections


Pest Control Consultation

We provide service for one pest or multiple pests, Preventive, monitoring, or extermination.

Contact us today for information on our tailor-made plans. We have plans that cover: Ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, stinging insects, fleas, mice, ticks, and/or mosquitoes, as well as several other general pests. PWI Pest Solutions is your full-service residential pest control and weed control company.
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