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At P.W.I. Pest Solutions we custom design a program
to fit your needs.

P.W.I Pest Solutions is locally owned and operated. You will not deal with a high-pressure call center from another state or even another country. You will not have to endure high-pressure salespeople.

P.W.I Pest Solutions does not believe in these methods or long-term contracts to speak for us. Our Services, as well as our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable techs, are what we believe in. You will be serviced by the same tech each visit. P.W.I. Pest Solutions believe providing you with a familiar tech each visit provides you the trust that we are attentive to your needs, the knowledge of your home or business, awareness of your needs and concerns, and faith we care.

P.W.I. Pest Solutions believes in fast response to your inquiries and concerns. When you call P.W.I. Pest Solutions, you will not have to wait days for a response or weeks for a service. We understand that the control of your issues is very important to you. We will make them very important to us.

P.W.I. Pest Solutions believes you are a friend,

not just a number.

Image by Peter F. Wolf
Image by Peter F. Wolf

I Had reached a time for a career change in my life. I was in the custodial field and felt very unsatisfied and knew there was something more I wanted to do and be. I answered a seasonal ad for a local pest company and it all began.

This was a summer job to help them get through the summer and the busiest time of the year. I learned, very quickly, that I truly loved it and was very good at it. As the summer came to an end, I was asked to stay on. They really valued my abilities, ethics, loyalty, and ability to form great relationships with my customers and all clients.

My next position had me involved in every aspect in the field including bed bugs, ants, stinging insects, roaches, rodents, ticks, mosquitos, termites, wildlife control, flees, and flies. I spent a lot of time servicing bed bugs. Promoted to training all new employees in all states that they had a footprint.

After over a decade, the company became a very large national company and I felt it had lost the values I loved. It appeared to be more about the money than the client and to me it was time to move on. The personal touch with the clients was gone, the loyalty to the employee was gone, and it was all about the penny.

Next, I joined another locally owned company with an amazing reputation for its service. I was put in charge of managing routes and servicing clients.  I serviced large commercial properties, schools, medical facilities, and so many more large properties. I serviced many residential clients and apartment buildings. I was trained in even more aspects of the pest control industry and entrusted, again with teaching the new employees and assisting in all aspects of the pest world, given a specialist position to solve tough issues other techs may be having and can’t solve.

After over a decade there, it happened again, The company was purchased by a global company and began all the signs I had seen before. I decided it was time to learn a new aspect of pest control and moved on to another local company. Here I began to learn about the weed and plant side of pest control. I learned the aspects of how to solve issues in many forms of this field and found I enjoyed it as much. It was still pest control, just a different pest.

After a few years I saw the process of being sold start for a third time. At this time I was told by a very wise person, my wife, that I should do it for myself. After some discussion I decided to do it. I mean I had everything I needed and the ability. I felt this is what I had been working to without realizing it. And so Pest Weed and irrigation Solutions was born. I soon realized that was a very long name and rebranded to PWI Pest Solutions.....

PWI Pest Solutions offer many aspects of pest control all in one stop. In the other companies you have specialists. one guy has a license for bed bugs but not Mosquitos, another has a license for mosquitos but not for weeds, and many other scenarios. I hold licenses for all aspects of pest control. I made it my goal to be able to service all your pest issues without having to say I am not able to perform that. I don't believe in a separate specialist, I believe in a problem solver.  I love every aspect of pest control and enjoy helping others. I believe that a customer is a friend not just a number.

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