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PWI Pest Solutions has over 50 years of experience in the commercial pest control industry. We believe in custom service built for you and your company’s needs. We pride ourselves in our attentiveness and treating you as a friend, and not a number. We understand how important your needs are to you. They are just as important to us!

We Offer Our Commercial Pest Control Solutions for:

  • Restaurants

  • Huge warehouses

  • Variety stores

  • Production warehouses

  • Nursing homes

  • Medical facilities

  • Retail

  • Schools

  • And More!

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Effective Commercial Pest Control Services in Maine by P.W.I. Pest Solutions

Welcome to P.W.I. Pest Solutions, your trusted ally for customized and highly effective commercial pest control services across Maine. Committed to delivering excellence and tailored solutions, we prioritize meeting your unique requirements, guaranteeing a pest-free business environment.

Customized Pest Control Programs

At P.W.I. Pest Solutions, we understand that commercial establishments have unique pest control requirements. Our approach involves custom-designing a program that caters to your specific needs. Whether you're in the hospitality industry, healthcare, retail, or any other sector, our solutions are tailored to address the challenges your business faces.

Local Expertise and Personalized Service

Choosing P.W.I. Pest Solutions means choosing local expertise. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of personalized service. Say goodbye to high-pressure call centers located in far-off states or countries. With us, you'll receive attentive and personalized care from professionals who are familiar with the local pest challenges.

No Long-Term Contracts, Just Quality Services

We take pride in the quality of our services and our commitment to transparency. Unlike companies that rely on long-term contracts and high-pressure sales tactics, P.W.I. Pest Solutions believes in letting our services speak for themselves. Our focus is on providing exceptional commercial pest control solutions that meet your business's needs without unnecessary commitments.

Timely Responses and Swift Services

We recognize that pests can disrupt business operations and reputation. When you reach out to P.W.I. Pest Solutions, you can expect timely responses and swift services. Your concerns become our top priority, and we're committed to addressing them promptly to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Different industries face distinct pest challenges. Whether you're a restaurant owner dealing with food safety regulations or a property manager ensuring tenant satisfaction, P.W.I. Pest Solutions has the expertise to cater to your industry-specific needs. Our technicians are trained to understand the nuances of various businesses, allowing us to provide solutions that are both effective and compliant.

Environmentally Responsible Solutions

 We prioritize the health of your employees, customers, and the environment. P.W.I. Pest Solutions is committed to using environmentally responsible products and methods. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that commercial pest control solutions are effective while minimizing the impact on the ecosystem in Maine. We believe in safeguarding not only your business but also the world around us.

Comprehensive Pest Reporting

Transparency is key to effective pest management. P.W.I. Pest Solutions provides comprehensive pest reports detailing the types of pests encountered, areas treated, and any recommendations for prevention. These reports not only keep you informed about the status of your pest control program but also serve as valuable documentation for compliance and accountability purposes.

Empowering Businesses with Integrated Pest Management: P.W.I. Pest Solutions

P.W.I. Pest Solutions is your reliable partner for commercial pest control services in Maine. With a focus on tailored solutions, local expertise, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to your business's unique needs, we're here to create a pest-free environment that supports your success. Choose P.W.I. Pest Solutions for effective and personalized commercial pest control services that you can trust.

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PWI Pest Solutions provides a variety of plans and services that help to address all of your pest control needs.


Infestation Eradication


Pest Inspections & Pest Control Consultation


We provide service for one pest or multiple pests, Preventive, monitoring, or extermination.

We are non-obtrusive to you, your staff, and your clients. PWI Pest Solutions will perform each service with the least number of interruptions to your business as possible.

Contact us today for information on our tailor-made plans. We have tailored plans that cover: Ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, stinging insects, fleas, mice, ticks, and/or mosquitoes, as well as several other general pests. PWI Pest Solutions is your full-service pest control and weed control company servicing your area of Maine!
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Unhappy with your current pest services? Have you received service in the past 30 days? Switch to PWI Pest Services and we will wave the initial set up fees.

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